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THE h a p p y WAY

girlboss, founder
It was summer of 2018 when the first Happy Pine was born in a little family woodshop. Initially as a gift idea for a best friend, it turned into ethical brand with a simple mission to make beautiful wooden products that bring smiles on peopleʼs faces.
We also want Mother Earth to smile with us, thatʼs why we only use eco friendly materials and with every Happy Pine product sold, we donate 5% of our income to the local tree banks. Itʼs our little way to help saving this lovely planet for the future generations.
Thanks for joining us in this mission,
Founder of Happy Pine

p i n e  w o o d

There is a reason why we chose pine. Just like a woman, pine wood might be gentle, but also beautiful and tough (strongest of softwoods) at the same time. However, the main reason why we work with pine is its sustainability – it takes 30 years to grow a tree, instead of 100 years in case of other woods like oak or maple. Also its texture makes every piece unique.


w o o d  c o a t i n g s

We only use high quality water-based stains and vegetable-based oils to help our products look natural and beautiful for a long period of time.

l i n e n

You say wood, we say pine. You say textile, we say linen.
What we love about linen is zero waste and non toxic production process from the seed to the final product. Some people say linen is like wine – gets better with time as it gets softer with every wash. We donʼt mind this comparison as much as we donʼt mind a glass of good wine.
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